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  • Peanut Blanching Machine-600kg
  • Peanut Blanching Machine-600kg
  • Peanut Blanching Machine-600kg
  • Peanut Blanching Machine-600kg

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Peanut blanching machine provides substantial value addition to the raw groundnuts. China as one of large peanuts country on planting & consumption & processing & export, in the past decade, we main export raw peanuts, with or without shell, such condition causes manufacturers enter low profit margin and face to high crisis on international business. Following the rising demand on many snacks manufacturers, confectionary within the country and oversea market, most of local peanut manufacture begin to enter the further processing on peanuts, thus it is a good project.

Whole Peanut Blanching Machine contains hopper, vertical elevator, feeding distributor, 3+ blanchers, supporting base, air cyclone, cyclone pipes, sorting belt, dust collector, vibrating sifter, electrical cabinet. The whole line works coordinately with high efficiency, the blanching ratio can be above 90%, if the drying degree is ideal, the crushing ratio can be below 10%.

Peanuts Blanching Processing: Light roasted peanuts come from vibrating discharge device, through bucket conveyor, are feed into blancher, with the rotating and friction of rollers, the red skin will be taken, and sucked by the air cyclone. The blanched peanuts will fall down to the sorting belt.

In order to enlarge the capacity of peanut blanching, several peanut blanchers can be assembled together, customized service is available, welcome to tell us your idea on peanut blanching process. 
Peanut, hazelnut
Reasonable design, simple structure
Strong durability, high efficiency
Energy saving & optimized blanching result
Easy to use & less maintenance
Technical data
Model Peanut Blanching Machine
Capacity 600kg/hr
Power 5.71kw
Dimension 9500*1250*2400mm
Weight 500kgs

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