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  • Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill
  • Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill
  • Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill
  • Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill
  • Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill


    Granularity:2 - 40 um

    Capacity:200-300 kg/h

    Power :15kw

    Rotation Speed:2930rpm


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UFM series Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill is mainly used for superfine processing in peanut butter production line. The key parts of ultrafine peanut butter mill are made of high grade stainless steel, which are nonpoisonous and corrosion-proof. This grinder has excellent function in crushing and milling for all kinds of materials, especially suit for processing oily materials, such as peanut butter, sesame, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, mustard, cocoa bean almond etc. 
Peanut butter, sesame butter, almond butter, cocoa butter, sunflower seed paste, walnuts paste, pepper paste, tomato paste, ice cream stuffing, fruit juice, soybean milk, all kinds of drinks.
Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill has advantage of compact construction, good shaped, simple operation, low noise, easy servicing and easy cleaning.
In order to prevent the corrosion, Ultrafine Peanut Butter Mill’s main parts occurred during processing of corrosion of materials and to meet the needs of food hygiene, high-grade stainless steel is chosen for manufacturing.
The rotor disc and stator disc are produced by special abradant with adhesive which is gotten through strict performance test, possessed of high strength and corrosion-resistant, too. Different discs may be replaced according to different uses and different properties of materials to be processed.
Ultrafine peanut butter mill is equipped with micro-adjusting apparatus for adjusting of grinding-gap, so the working clearance and discs’ running situation can be observed and controlled easily, thus guarantee the safety operation.
The feeding motor and main motor is interlock control for security production.
Ultrafine peanut butter mill is matched with circulating cooling system, in order to cool down the running temperature rising and help peanut butter processed effectively.
Technical data
Model Granularity
( um )
( kg/h )
( kw )
Rotation Speed( rpm ) Dimension
( mm )
( kg )
UFM-180 2 - 40 200-300 15 2930 1200×470×1250 420
UFM-250 2 - 40 450-500 22 2940 1530×560×1620 700
UFM-400 2 - 40 600-800 37 1480 1240×506×1556 800

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