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  • Steam Peanut Roaster
  • Steam Peanut Roaster
  • Steam Peanut Roaster
  • Steam Peanut Roaster
  • Steam Peanut Roaster

    Model:Steam Peanut Roaster

    Capacity:1T/2T/3T/4T/HR or customized design

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Steam Peanut Roaster is design for salted peanut industrial process, the main function is to reduce the humidity of salted peanut, the heating medium is steam, working temperature is bleow 100℃. The dryer realize automatic & continuous production, it is widely used modern management factories.

Steam Peanut Roaster is widely used in salted in shell peanut plant, in China peanut manufacture soak the in shell peanut in salt liquid pool for long time, in order to make the salt flavor dipping into inside of shell, as they are pulled out of the pool, the moisture content is above 40% approx., it pass continuous peanut cooling belt which is equipped with high pressure air fan to remove the moisture on surface of in shell peanut, then the Steam Peanut Roaster receives those in-shell peanut for fast roasting, due to low temperature (70C) processing, we should say it is drying, this step will dry the outside shell completely, but inside kernels are still not dry, moreover, temperature can't be very high, otherwise it will cause the finished product hard but not crispy. Finally dried in shell peanut will be feed into roasting tank for 72hr roasting, at end salted in shell peanut is finished. 
 In shell peanut, peanut kernels, dried fruits, all kinds of oily nuts
Energy-saving evaporative drying
Recycle heating utilization
High efficiency & low consumption
High sanitary degree for food production
Technical data
Model Steam Peanut Roaster
Capacity 1T/2T/3T/4T/HR or customized design

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